Friday, February 12, 2010

Boy am I behind!!!

Yes it has been forever and day since I actually posted any musings here. It's been a tough - and busy - couple of months. Not to mention that my mojo has been off. Could be the weather (which just sucks), could be one respitory or stomach disaster after another that I keep suffering (I blame the skeezy wrestling room for this), could be I'm eating too many carbs...I don't know. Point is, I haven't been myself. So, I figure to help try to get back to being myself I need to get my butt in front of the computer and write!!

A couple of updates to previous blogs, first...

1) Charlie's b'day party - held at DaBarn in Chester, NJ - was a huge success and a totally original event for the fine kindergarten through 2nd grade denizens of Mount Olive. Big shout out to my friend Cindy for that one.

2) My running is suffering I have to say. Because of above mentioned weather, constant snow cover causing unsafe road conditions and health issues I have been having a tough go of it. Not running could conceivably explain my mojo issues. But, I did get out this week before our latest blizzard + extreme wind/cold front (not to mention yet another respitory event that seems to be percolating) and I can still run 3 miles two days in a row with no problems anyway. Next week I am going for 5 and we'll see what happens. Heather, Ashely and Tonya - I'll be in shape for OBX I promise!!

3) Charlie's wrestling season has almost come to an end. And while there were more tears than I ever imagined, he is starting to win and he even wants to get better and go for the "extended" program (1x/week post season)...provided it doesn't conflict w/ baseball that is. My rule...not his.

4) I have read some interesting books and I will absolutely share my thoughts on these in a post in the near future (I WILL NOT wait as long to post next time I SWEAR).

Well onto the actual topic I jumped on here to write about in the first place - - - - I have been "Gainfully Unemployed" for just over a year now. It blows my mind to think that it has been that long...and I actually have survived! There are many many changes that I have gone through that the "Full Time Job Me" would not have ever imagined would happen - for instance...

1 - I would consider a kids' football/baseball/wrestling/basketball/track/swimming practice a social event.
2 - I would volunteer to do ANYTHING having to do with these events. I'm just not a Joiner.
3 - I would volunteer to step foot in either of my kids' schools - to do the book fair, be a "mystery reader," help with Market Day fulfillment, Field Day etc. - if I didn't absolutely HAVE to be there.
4 - When someone says "Wow your hair looks good today, what did you do different?" I would reply with "I washed and dried it" and honestly mean it. (I know, I know, gross...but true. Especially in the winter...)
5 - I would be appalled at the notion of not vacuuming - at least my downstairs - at least once every week, week and a half tops. Not to say this always happens, but at least I'm appalled when it doesn't.
6 - I would get super excited over a new washer and dryer and show them off to family and friends as if I had just acquired a Monet and a Degas.
7 - I could go to Target for 2 hours and walk out only having spent $13.87 (True story! Kelly can vouch for me!)
8 - I would gush over a cookbook (Oh the Pioneer Woman...don't get me started!)
9 - I would actively clip - and USE - coupons, as well as scour weekly flyers for sale items. And I would actually COMBINE the coupons with the sales to save even more! Oh, yes it's true...
10 - Similarly - I would actually purchase a store brand. And I will say proudly - even the Wal*Mart store brand. OK, not too proud about that but DAMN it's so much cheaper!
11 - I would consider jeans and a button down shirt kinda being dressed up.
12 - I would make the best twice baked potato this side of the Mason Dixon line.

Well I'm sure there's more but you get the drift. And if I think of any others I will be sure to let you know!

Anyway it's good to be back and like I said, I won't be a stranger anymore.